Your Time is Not My Time photo courtesy de Appel, Amsterdam

Your Time is Not My Time


projector, custom projection screen, headphones, carpet, 1U audio amp, programmed looping media player with a Method for Blue Logic (2014)

variable dimensions

installation at Your Time Is Not My Time, de Appel and catalogue

Your Time Is Not My Time deals with the proposition of how hypercirculation and overconsumption of images has generated new ways of perceiving and behaving – we copy, remix, share, and circulate. We are producers of data, and circulation has become a currency itself. A scope of dispositions is articulated as the boundaries between audience and producer blurs the notion of authorship and continues to expand, while at the same time, ceases to exist. Following the scheme of a playlist, Your Time is not my Time elaborates a custom-fit mode of cognition and perception triggered by the new use of visuality, where love (emphatic economy) and depletion (interface) shape an alternative visual economy.
(curatorial statement)

[1] photo courtesy de Appel, Amsterdam
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