Compression Artifacts, 2015
hydraulically compressed film set detritus, custom animation and projection
160cm x 160cm
photo courtesy GJ van Rooij

performance structure (with Koen Nutters, Seamus Cater, Gerri Jager, Tim Breukers)
photo courtesy Mattie van der Worm, 2015

Collaborative performance with DNK Ensemble (Seamus Cater & Koen Nutters) during Come Closer public program on Oude Kerk Rooftop, Amsterdam
installation 'The Garden Which is the Nearest to God' by Taturo Atzu, 2015
photo courtesy Roel Brekelmans

a Method for Blue Logic, 2014, 11' 2K DCP
Installation view, photo courtesy Roy Taylor, 2014
Metropolis M

photo courtesy Showroom MAMA, Rotterdam

photo courtesy Showroom MAMA, Rotterdam

STRATA photo courtesy Bricolage Productions

Passengers, 2010 — 2013

Riley C. Harmon
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